Aria International Summer Academy
Advanced Music Studies
2021 Season - Mihai Tetel, Director

All participants receive 8 private lessons during a 10-day session. The lessons are one hour long.

There will be 4 masterclasses for each instrument and in each session. The masterclasses will be between 60 and 90 minutes long. Each participant will have the opportunity to play in one masterclass and audit the other three in any given session.

In addition, on the last day of each session there will be a Talk to the Pros class with all faculty and students meeting in a Question & Answer format to discuss career issues, competitions, and auditions. There will be one such class for each instrument.

Private lessons will take place between 10 AM and 4:30 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

Masterclasses will take place at 5 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

All participants will be sent detailed schedules at least two weeks in advance of the start of their session.

All participants will be sent a list of suggested repertoire they should prepare. This will be done 4-6 weeks before the start of all sessions.

All masterclasses will take place on ZOOM. Private lessons will take place on ZOOM and/or other platforms such as FaceTime or Skype as agreed by the faculty and students at an online meeting (Meet & Greet) which will take place the day before each session starts at 5 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).